💍 A group wedding is scheduled for June 26 at a golf course

💍 Couples can be part of the event for free

💍 The group wedding is a trial run for potential future events

Engaged couples are being given the opportunity to tie the knot for free. They just have to be willing to share the spotlight with other lovebirds.

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon can't keep up with all the requests to officiate weddings, so the county is going to run a group ceremony for several couples.

"Because of my other demands, I can't be doing weddings all day long, unfortunately," Hanlon told New Jersey 101.5.

The county is still taking applications from couples — spots are being reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The "group wedding" is scheduled for June 26 at 3 p.m., at the Hominy Hill Clubhouse. It's located on a county-run golf course in Colts Neck.

"I would be officiating the ceremony, and the couples would turn to each other and repeat their vows to each other, as everyone else is," Hanlon said.

As of early Wednesday, the county had 10 couples signed up for the group wedding. Hanlon said they're looking to accommodate 10 to 20 couples.

Interested couples can apply using this link. The county will contact each couple, whether there's space for them or not.

The ceremony is free, but couples will still need a marriage license ahead of time.

Couples will be limited to four guests, including their witnesses. Photos can be taken on the grounds after the ceremony. Couples who want a reception afterwards will need to plan that themselves.

The county is still deciding whether or not they will livestream the event for friends and family who don't want to miss it.

Hanlon described this event as a "trial run" — the county is interested in running a group wedding around Valentine's Day as well.

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