😲 Hundreds of teens and young adults fight at event

🚨 Police say they were dropped off from out of town

🚨 Police officers were assaulted

Chaos erupted at the annual Gloucester Township Day event on Saturday night.

It was a beautiful evening as families gathered at Veteran's Park in Gloucester Township. They were waiting for a drone light show to begin when police say event security noticed "an influx of juveniles and young adults being dropped off at the event."

As many as 500 young people started congregating at the basketball courts at the park and then several fights broke out.

Gloucester Township Police
Gloucester Township Police

Dozens of teens went rampaging through the crowd terrorizing the families who were trying to enjoy the evening. Most were wearing dark clothing that covered their head and some were wearing dark masks.

Police quickly made two arrests but say the crowd "continued to remain hostile and disorderly" and the fighting continued for two hours.

The family-oriented Gloucester Township Day event has been held for more than 40-years and raises funds for local scholarships.

Police officers injured

As police were trying to disperse the crowd, a man from Camden came speeding into the crowd on a bicycle and slammed into the back of a Gloucester Township police officer, knocking him to the ground.

33-year-old Ronald Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. He was also charged with escape for trying to slip out of his handcuffs.

At least two other officers suffered minor injuries.

Gloucester Township Police
Gloucester Township Police

Where did these kids come from?

Investigators say most were dropped off at the event from out of town.

A statement from police says, "It was determined that most of the groups of juveniles were not from Gloucester Township and had been dropped off and needed rides."

Police Chief David Harkins says the incident is still under investigation.

"The lawless of groups of unsupervised juveniles and young people acting with total disregard for others, ruined a great family-oriented event, "Hawkins said, "This type of lawlessness and violent riotous behavior will not be tolerated, and will not define the great community of Gloucester Township.”

List of arrests/detainments:

According to the Gloucester Township Police Department, the following arrests were made during the incident:

🚨 Ronald Jones, of Camden, third-degree aggravated assault on police, third-degree escape, disorderly conduct

🚨 Kevin Coleman, of Pine Hill, disorderly conduct

Juveniles: all charged with disorderly conduct and released to a parent/guardian

🚨 Female, 15, of Winslow
🚨 Male, 16, of Cherry Hill
🚨 Female, 15, of Pine Hill
🚨 Male, 16, of Camden
🚨 Male,  17, of Camden
🚨 Male, 17, of Gloucester Township
🚨 Male, 13, of Winslow
🚨 Male, 16, of Winslow
🚨 Male, 15, of Camden
🚨 Male, 15, of Laurel Springs

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