My mind was blown Tuesday morning ... over something you probably couldn't care less about.

But if your brain works like mine — automatically looking for patterns in numbers and words when they're written out in front of you — maybe you'll be impressed as well.

The unexpected surprise occurred when I dialed into the state's Office of Legislative Services to ask a question about a story I was pursuing. My job is so fun.

My message was passed to a different department within OLS. And as a courtesy, the man on the other end of the line gave me the phone number of that department, in case I wanted to follow up myself.

The perfect New Jersey phone number?


That's when I was delivered the most precious number of all time: 609-847-3125.

Does anything stick out to you?

The number doesn't roll off the tongue ... but it is part of a rare breed of phone numbers. And I wonder if there are any other ones like it in the Garden State.

Before writing this, I texted my wife the number to see if she could pick up on anything. But she was stumped. When I told her why I was floored, she wrote, "I do think you're the only person who'd realize that."

I'm hoping we can prove her wrong and that some readers can figure it out before scrolling any further.

inspiration concept
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What's so special about the phone number?

Like any phone number with an area code, 609-847-3125 consists of 10 digits.

But unlike most phone numbers, these 10 digits are all unique. There's not one repeat. Each digit from 0 to 9 is used once. It's beautiful.

Scroll through your contacts and my guess is you won't find one number like this. My own unimpressive phone number consists of a double 7 as well as two zeros. No one would ever write an article about it.

Unimpressed? I get it. But if you solved the riddle and you're happy with the answer, you've got a friend in me. Just don't dial the number for fun.

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