⚠ Officials are warning of a new scam targeting Morris County residents

⚠ Scammers want money for non-appearances for jury duty

⚠ Many are posing as police officers with titles and badges that look real

Morris County residents have been advised about a new scam.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s and Sheriff’s offices said criminals posing as law enforcement are aggressively seeking fines for non-appearances for jury duty.

County officials have received two reports of similar scams in the last two weeks, in which scammers call victims claiming a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

The scammers have been pretending to be police officers, even providing titles and badge numbers. Some may use actual Morris County officers’ names and manipulate the victim’s caller I.D. to make it look like the call is coming from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, county officials said.

Scammers will ask the victim not to contact anyone, indicating the matter needs to be confidential or else they will be arrested.

County officials said a legitimate law enforcement agency will never tell anyone to wire money or ask for cryptocurrency to avoid arrest. If someone does that, it’s a red flag.

Always be suspicious of callers or texts who demand immediate payment or fines for any reason.

To report any suspicious calls regarding alleged non-appearances for jury duty, please contact the Morris County Sheriff’s Office at 973-285-6600 (day) or 973-285-2900 (night).

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