Driving in Jersey can be a bit of a chore.

Between the potholes, juggle handles, lack of turn signals, and unbearable traffic on the Parkway from time to time it can be a real hassle getting where you need to be.

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It also doesn't help that sometimes the intersections in Jersey aren't exactly easy to navigate either.

To this day one that gives me trouble is near Veeder and 9 in Bayville.

I don't know why but that area always makes my heart pump a little quicker when I'm behind the wheel.

Everyone has an intersection they don't like though.

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Sure, some are worse than others but at the end of the day, if there's an intersection you don't like, you just don't like it.

Then, while scrolling through TikTok the other day, I may have found the mother of all annoying, confusing, and insane intersections in Jersey.

Can You Navigate New Jersey's Most Confusing Intersection?

I'll warn you, the language in the video has a few choice words but according to TikTok user ItalianStallionSlickRick, this intersection in Jersey left him baffled.

At first glance, I got his confusion.

There are a lot of signs with a lot of different instructions pointing in a lot of different directions.

But then you think about it for a minute and realize you just have to think of where you're going, and then ignore every other sign at the intersection!

Do you need to get to 46, Overpeck County Park, or 95? Then just make a left.

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Do you need to get to the Hospital, 4, or Bergenfield? Then you go right.

At first, it seems like a lot to take in, but this is probably not the most confusing intersection in the Garden State to someone from Jersey.

What do you think Jersey's most confusing intersection is?

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