It's no surprise that things are really starting to heat up in Jersey this week as we face our first major heat wave of 2024.

Temperatures by mid to end of the week are supposed to skyrocket, headed to potentially life-threatening numbers we could possibly see triple digits by the weekend!

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Our very own in-house meteorologist Dan Zarrow broke it all down, stating that the temperatures are set to be in the 90's most of the week, with Friday being the day that we could see some areas hit one hundred degrees or more.

Of course, these temperatures are crazy high for this time of year, sure, it gets hot every summer, but these temperatures are something a little more extreme and will last longer than most heat waves.

As bad as it may seem this week though, we still aren't anywhere close to the most extreme temperatures in New Jersey history.

It's no surprise that recent summers seem to be hotter and more sweltering, but believe it or not, the hottest day on record in New Jersey didn't occur in the past five, ten, or twenty years.

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In fact, the hottest day on record in the Garden State occurred in 1936 in Runyon, when temperatures peaked at a crazy 112 degrees Fahrenheit!

That's not counting humidity either!

Jersey has had some pretty intense weather over the years, from frigid colds to explosive heat waves, in fact, one of the rainiest days on record in Jersey happened right near the Jersey Shore.

Check out all of the most extreme temperatures and weather phenomena that happened in Jersey below.

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Gallery Credit: Anuradha Varanasi