Maybe New Jersey is a luckier state than we think.

Remember back in March when lottery fever struck America?

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The Mega Millions was valued at well over one Billion Dollars and people were buying lottery tickets hand over fist to win that life-changing jackpot.

Sure, the odds of you winning were infinitely small but if you don't play you don't win.

Then, a Shoprite store in Neptune New Jersey sold the winning 1.1 Billion Dollar Ticket and someone's life changed forever.

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Another Massive Powerball Ticket Was Sold In New Jersey This Week

This is why I think Jersey may be luckier than we believe, because once again an NJ local bought a Powerball ticket and then woke up 221 Million Dollars richer.

According to, it was a single ticket sold at Preet Food Mart in Camden, and whoever hit the numbers (3,10, 33, 58, 59 with a Powerball of 9 with a Power play of 2X) is winning a boatload of cash.

The total Powerball Jackpot was 221 Million Dollars, which is the second highest lottery this year, since the Mega Millions billion-dollar jackpot.

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If whoever won walks away with the cash-out options they'll have 104.7 Million dollars according to

The Powerball now resets for Tuesday night's drawing to 30 Million dollars with a cash pay-out option of 13.9 Million.

Honestly, even a jackpot "as small" as 13.9 Million Dollars would be good enough for me!

By the way, if you do ever win the lottery, here's what experts say you should do immediately.

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