Each summer I see sunflowers on friend's social pages, they are so beautiful.

I never know where all of the sunflowers are in New Jersey, now I finally know.

I had no idea there are several sunflower farms in the Garden State. Sunflowers are the perfect pictures to capture summer.

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I'm a huge fan of tulip farms, I think I could really fall in love with a sunflower farm. A New Jersey sunflower farm is where you can find the perfect bouquet and pick-it yourself.

When do sunflowers bloom in New Jersey?

It's definitely a summertime bloom. The bloom is usually the end of July through September. Sunflowers are so gorgeous. According to thedigestonline.com: "These fast growing yellow giants mature in only 80 to 95 days and can grow to be over 16 feet tall. At full bloom, flower heads can reach over 12 inches in diameter depending on the seed."

4 of the Best Sunflower Farms in New Jersey

#1 - Happy Day Farm in Manalapan, NJ - Happy Day Farm opens its sunflower field from July 3rd through August 25th. Get ready for a sea of sunflowers.

#2 - Holland Ridge Farm in Cream Ridge, NJ - Lots and lots of flowers are here at this farm and their sunflower picking begins in September.

#3 - Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ - The sunflower harvest begins the end of July and runs through September for u-pick sunflowers.

#4 - Silverton Farms in Toms River, NJ - Their sunflower harvest and u-pick sunflowers begin in July and runs through August.

If you've never run through a sunflower field, try it out. Bring your camera, you will be taking lots of them.

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