Top 10 BEST Jersey Shore Pizzerias

It's summer and there might not be a better treat than hitting the boards and grabbing a slice of delicious Jersey Shore pizza! We have the best pizza in America so it's not easy to pick out the best of the best in the nation. Whether you love pepperoni or mushroom, red or white pie, the Garden State has the pizza and there is never a bad slice, that I know of lol.


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Recently published their "best pizza" list and they did the Top 53 pizzerias here at the Jersey Shore. I'm taking the Top 10 and giving you the top of the pie for you to put on your summer slice list. These are the best at the Jersey Shore and we have them for you. By the time you get done with this article, you will be ready for a slice!



Let's begin our countdown and we will go from number 10 down to number one. The best pizza at the Jersey Shore!


10. Bakeria 1010, Ocean City

9. Slice House, Toms River

8. La Riva, Barnegat Light

7. Federici’s on 10th, Belmar

6. Denino’s South, Brick

5. Talula’s Pizza.Bar.Bread, Asbury Park

4. De Nunzio’s Brick Oven Pizza, Sea Isle City

3. Brooklyn Square Pizza, Toms River

2. Rosie’s Pizza, Point Pleasant Beach

1. BLVD Pizza, Surf City


There are your top pizzerias here at the Jersey Shore. The Top 10 as published by the folks at Now you have a challenge. Have a slice, or more, at each one of the Top 10! The "pizza crawl". If you attempt any of the Top 10 let us know what you think, and post your comments below.



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