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Imagine the horror of having a large object come crashing through your home and nearly hitting you and your family. That's exactly what happened to a family in Passaic County, New Jersey. This family in Paterson almost had a terrible accident turn into a completely horrible accident this week in North Jersey.


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According to Patch, it appears that ice, which had fallen off an airplane flying over their neighborhood fell and crashed through their roof and into a neighbor's driveway while they were home! "Ice can accumulate on an aircraft's exterior at higher altitudes and then break off as it descends into warmer air, and can also form if water is seeping out of the lavatory waste system, says an advisory from the Federal Aviation Administration." It appears their home is in several flight paths.



The family, who lives on 38th Street in Paterson said they heard the crash and are just happy no one got hit or even worse hurt or killed by the falling chunks of ice. "No one was hurt, though the Gomezes may need to completely replace their roof."


What a scary incident to have a giant chunk of ice fall from far above and crash through your home and into your yard, while you are home just feet away.


Have you ever had something like this happen or know someone who had this happen to them? Share your story and post in the comments section below.



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