Cake Boss Opens Buddy's Boardwalk Empire In Atlantic City, NJ

If you love food then this is an article for you. Famed chef Buddy Valastro, aka Cake Boss, is known for great food and now he's bringing his talents to Atlantic City. According to a recent article from, Cake Boss is opening a new eatery at Harrahs Resort in Atlantic City. The new shop will be called Buddy's Boardwalk Empire, perfect for AC with a play on the epic series Boardwalk Empire.


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What's going to be great about this shop is that it will feature Buddy's fantastic desserts and baked goods and have many classic foods like Buddy's Boardwalk Empire Pizza, according to NJMonthly.comBoardwalk Empire’s pizza comes round or square, by the slice or pie, with distinctive toppings like buffalo chicken and bacon. Buddy calls it “bakery style, like my dad used to make, with dough that really crisps up.”



In addition to the pizza, Buddy will feature things like his signature focaccia sandwiches. Also his roast beef and "mozz" sandwich. So it's a combination of all kinds of foods and it'll be right in Atlantic City at Harrah's Resort.


It sounds like a place I want to check out and will be heading down to Atlantic City for a sample of Buddy's Boardwalk Empire. It's great that more and more famous chefs are bringing their styles and restaurants to New Jersey and Atlantic City is just the spot for all these great eateries. What is your favorite restaurant in AC? Leave your comments and recommendations below.


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