You know how much I love to drive around with my family and look at Christmas lights. I look forward to it every year and this year is no exception. I love it.

I love it, even more, when listeners call the studio hotline and tell me where I should look and go for the best Christmas lights. I love when neighborhoods come together and decorate together.

Cj Febus, Toms River
Cj Febus, Toms River

I received this email from a family in Toms River that always is magical and amazing for the community. This family does such a great job, it is not to be missed. This is located at 910 Salem Drive in Toms River. From the Febus Family Chrismtas Spectacular:

The 2023 Febus Family Christmas Spectacular is officially up and running! Come drive by and enjoy the lights, Santa, Grinch and some of your favorite Christmas songs! Also check out our new Christmas photo op area where you and your family can take a beautiful family picture while visiting! We do it for our family, friends and community! We want to bring just a little cheer to this wonderful holiday season.

Where is this fabulous Christmas light show located in Toms River?

They are located at 910 Salem Drive in Toms River. It's the corner of Salem and Hazelwood.

We love driving around different neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. Bring snacks and grab some hot chocolate. All ages will love this and make sure to bring the four-legged friends, also. They love the Christmas lights.

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