I still can't believe the Christmas Tree Shop is closed.

They closed I believe last summer, and of course the building in Brick is empty.

It's a popular area, right next to Costco and there's Dick's Sporting Goods in the shopping plaza in Brick.

It's the perfect location for something great in that location and the parking lot is huge. Yes, there's a lot of traffic, but the perfect location.

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They closed all stores last summer with ten stores in New Jersey and over 500 people were laid off. 1970 the first Christmas Tree Shops opened in Massachusetts.

I loved shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop. They had everything and their summertime "stuff" was the best. You could find anything from beach towels, to beach chairs, pictures, and tons of outdoor decorations. I miss it a lot.

One summer I bought a sign that's still hanging on my fence in my back yard about a starfish. It still has the starfish glued to it. It's lasted now at least five years, I love it.

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Now that the building is closed there are things you want to see in that building. We don't want another empty building in Ocean County. So many businesses and restaurants closed and buildings stay empty.

This is what you want to see in the empty Christmas Tree Shop Building in Brick?

Hobby Lobby - Hands down, this the number one thing you want in that empty building in Brick. The closest Hobby Lobby is in Howell.

Cracker Barrel - This restaurant has always been chosen as one of your favorites. It's one of all of our favorites. We want a Cracker Barrel in Ocean County.

Wegmans - We need a Wegmans in Ocean County.

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