New Restaurant Happenings in Bordentown, New Jersey

B2 Bistro + Bar, known for its chef-inspired seasonal menus, vibrant dining atmosphere, and commitment to quality and customer service, proudly announced something exciting, the acquisition of Jimmy's American Grill in Bordentown. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for B2 Bistro + Bar, as this 7th location will be their first in Burlington County.


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B2 Bistro will seamlessly integrate Jimmy's American Grill into its renowned brand, introducing its celebrated wood-fired pizza program, exquisite sushi selections, signature burgers, and an extensive array of craft beers and wines that embody the essence of B2 Bistro.


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Also, they said guests will enjoy breakfast offerings from their award-winning B2 Cafe. The menu features a diverse range of hot and cold beverages alongside creative seasonal breakfast choices, perfect for on-the-go and leisurely dining experiences.


Jimmy’s will remain open and fully functional as new features are added like an expansive outdoor patio with a full bar perfect for al fresco dining and celebratory events. New retractable garage doors, a signature architectural element at most B2 locations, will offer open-air dining in one of the main dining rooms.


"We are excited to bring the B2 Bistro experience to Bordentown and to introduce our culinary offerings to a whole new community," said Stephen Valentine, Managing Partner of B2 Bistro. "Our new location will not only feature our exciting menu but also bring new enhancements and events designed to create unforgettable dining moments for everyone."


The location is conveniently located at 140 US-130 South, Bordentown, NJ, and offers plenty of parking. According to Foxtrot Media, "In addition to the aesthetic enhancements, B2 plans to host a variety of entertainment options, including live music, all-televised football games, themed events for holidays, and more."


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