I love finding a new restaurant. A seafood, steakhouse, or just a burger place, it doesn't matter.

When we ask you about these restaurants that you love but I might not know of them, they are perfect hidden gem restaurants that I want to try out.

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I know, I know when the question was asked, where's that hidden gem restaurant that everyone should try, a lot of you wouldn't give out the secret. I think most of these restaurants are family owned and would love the business.

New Jersey has the best seafood restaurants and we have the best steakhouses, in my opinion.

It's the sushi restaurants that I just don't know about, it's not my favorite. From what I hear, here at the Jersey Shore Xina is the best. Sushi has become so very popular so I'm sure some sushi favorites are on this list.

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I'm so happy to see some of my favorites on the list and in the gallery, Cordi's in Brick, Crabs Claw Inn in Lavallette, Daniel's Bistro in Pt. Pleasant Beach, Chef Mike's ABG, Simply Southern, and so many more. These restaurants are fantastic.

There are several on the list that I've never been too, but can't wait to try them out.

Is there a special restaurant you really, really want to try but you didn't. What is your hidden gem restaurant that you want to share. What do I really need to try?

Check out all of "YOUR" hidden gem restaurants, these are your favorites:

The Jersey Shore's Best Hidden Gem Restaurants

Here are the best hidden gem restaurants on the Jersey Shore according to its residents.

Gallery Credit: Sue Moll

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