Do You Love A Good Book At The Beach?

Memorial Day is just days away and with that the "unofficial" start of the summer season here at the Jersey Shore. It's the kick-off of another summer that will see millions heading to our beautiful New Jersey Beaches. It's a wonderful time to live here at the Jersey Shore. As summer gets underway folks will begin the visits to our beaches and there's so much to do including just relaxing with a good book and catching up on some reading while the surf roars beside you. Here's a possible choice if you're looking for some good "beachy" material.


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I had the chance to sit down with author Stacy Lee and discuss her series "The Nubble Light". Stacy discusses the series and the latest book for this summer, "Maid For Summer".


It was fun talking with Stacy Lee and bringing you this book series which might be perfect for a day at the beach. According to her website "Stacy Lee is the author of The Nubble Light series. She is a lifelong resident of New England. Stacy lives in New Hampshire with her incredibly supportive husband, two beautiful children, and two well loved (spoiled) rescue pups. She enjoys spending time in the beautiful and historic town of York Beach, Maine with her family. The Nubble Lighthouse holds a special place in her heart."


What books do you recommend for great beach reading this summer? Share your picks with our listeners and enjoy your time this summer here at the Jersey Shore.



Canva/Stacy Lee
Canva/Stacy Lee


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