Have you ever thought about auditioning for a movie or television show? It used to be a "Hollywood" thing and you pretty much needed to travel to California, but the production of professional films and shows is happening all over the country and New Jersey is becoming a prime place for auditioning and filming.


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New Jersey is expanding its production facilities and according to deadline.com, "Great Point Studios is building Lionsgate Studios Newark, after the Robert Halmi-led venture's successful Lionsgate Studios Yonkers project. That project, with five sound stages and full production services, received NJEDA's first Studio Partner Designation and is set to open in the fall of 2025."



There are casting calls all over the state including Newark, Jersey City, Toms River, Lakewood, West New York, Lake Hiawatha, Mahwah, Clifton, Mount Laurel, Atlantic City, and Hoboken. So check out the list and see what casting calls would be good for you.




Check out the list and see what you might be interested in and qualified for. The type of production it is and where the casting call is.


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Did anything catch your eye? You never know unless you try and maybe you are just what a casting director is looking for. So get your resume together and get out and test the waters, if you are an aspiring actor.


If you could be cast for a television series, what show would you love to be a part of? Tell us what your dream acting job would be and post your comments below.


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