This restaurant opened in 2023 and it's getting rave reviews, one of the best in America.

Esquire names the best new restaurants in America. They're all kinds of food from casual to high end and one of the new ones as one of the best is at the Jersey Shore, right here in our neck of the woods.

Lita Facebook page:

What new restaurant in New Jersey is one of the Best in America?

A new restuarant called Lita in Aberdeen Township. It's an Iberian-inspired restaurant, centered around a live-fire hearth.

Lita, Facebook page
Lita, Facebook page

At Lita, the menu is prepared in the open fire heart oven that sits int he middle of the dining room.

Their specialties from

Guests will start with ‘Essenciales’, a highly shareable collection of Spanish and Portuguese light bites and tapas, before diving into a bevy of charred vegetables, rich stews, fresh seafood and iconic meat dishes including piri piri chicken and bitoque. Lita’s signature paellas are classically prepared in the hearth oven for the very best crispy crunchy socarrat.

 From the appetizers to the main dish, it looks delicious. How about their signature dessert, mahogany brown basque cake with hot sherry cream.

Where is Lita, one of the best new restaurants in New Jersey, located?

Lita is located at 1055 Rt. 34 in Aberdeen, NJ. Click here for your holiday reservations.

There is so much tradition with Lita. The restaurant is influenced by French and the Mediterranean. The food of Portugal is described as simple and satisfying from the, and has become so very popular in New Jersey.

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