Where Is The Hottest Town In New Jersey?

We are about to feel the heat here in the Garden State. New Jersey's first heat wave of the season is approaching (heat wave is three or more days of temps 90+) and Thursday - Sunday should be 90+ in the forecast.


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Believe it or not, some data shows what town is considered the hottest in every state, including us here in New Jersey. Let's take a look at the data from Filterbuy.



Filterbuy has a town in Burlington County selected as the "hottest" town in New Jersey.

New Jersey
  • Hottest city: Moorestown.
  • Number of days per year w/ temperature above 90℉: 37.
  • Number of days per year w/ temperature above 100℉: 1.
  • Average summer maximum temperature: 87.2℉
  • Average summer minimum temperature: 61.7℉


If you look at the forecast this week for Moorestown it is going to be very hot. It looks to be in the 90s for the next week, with Friday being the hottest day with temps near 100. Here's a look at the daily forecast for Moorestown.

Today: Partly sunny, High 94

Wednesday: Partly Sunny, High 91

Thursday: Partly Sunny, High 93

Friday: Partly Sunny, High 97

Saturday: Partly Sunny, High 94

Sunday: Cloudy, High 94

Monday: Cloudy, High 92


Tips On How To Beat The Heat

According to AI Overview, there are several simple tips to help beat the heat during a heat wave.

Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water and eat foods with high water content. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks.

Dress For Hot Weather: "Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing made from breathable materials like cotton or silk. You can also try wearing synthetic fabrics like Coolmax or going barefoot so sweat can evaporate from your feet. Don't forget to protect your face from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat or other head covering."

Keep Your Home Cool: "Close windows and shades during the day to keep the sun out. Avoid using the oven or other appliances that generate heat."

Stay Cool: Take cool showers, and use air conditioning or fans. Apply a cold compress on your neck and wrists.

Limit Outside Time: "Stay indoors, but if you must be outdoors, avoid the hottest time of the day outside and limit the amount of time you are in the hot sun."



Hot NJ


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