TOP 10 Rooftop Bars at the Jersey Shore

There is something special about a rooftop bar. Being out under the stars and overlooking the town below, it's a fun time and a great place to visit especially in the summer with great weather up on the roof.


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Summer is a great time to sit out at a rooftop bar and we have some great ones right here at the Jersey Shore so you don't have to travel to Philly or New York City to experience a great rooftop bar. recently posted an article listing the TOP 10 rooftop bars on the Jersey Shore. Definitely a great list to check out this summer and some may be right near you. "From the beach to the bay and everything in between, the Jersey Shore is a beautiful place — and it's even prettier with a bird's-eye view. Find one at a rooftop bar that overlooks the water or busy downtowns and offers sunset views, live music, and lots of fun."



This Summer's Best Rooftop Jersey Shore Bars


Is there a "rooftop" bar that's not on the list that you think should be? Share your recommendations and suggestions and post them below. We always enjoy getting your input and comments.



Rooftop Bars Jersey Shore


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