Affordable and Safe Towns in New Jersey

A new report is out that highlights 7 unique cities or towns in the Garden State that are both "Safe" and "Cheap" which for many families in today's economy is a great combination. Affordable housing and safe neighborhoods are the perfect setting for families in New Jersey. It can be tough finding a good combination of both of these traits and to have 7 recommended, well that's pretty good.


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GOBankingRates has put together a list of the 7 safest and cheapest places to live in New Jersey. "Living in the Garden State is cheaper than in its neighboring state, New York, and allows for an easy commute. However, the cost of living in New Jersey is 20.4% higher than the average for the U.S., according to New Jersey Real Estate Network. Although it costs more to live here compared to much of the country, when it comes to safety, you can’t find a safer state than New Jersey, according to a study by Innerbody."



The 7 Cities/Towns Recommended in Jersey


Toms River Township

Median Home Value: $ 298,800

Borough of Pompton Lakes

Median Home Value: $ 324,700


Median Home Value: $ 276,500


Median Home Value: $192,900


Median Home Value: $ 144,200

New Brunswick

Median Home Value: $ 267,200

Audubon City

Median Home Value: $223,200


There are the "seven" towns selected by GOBankingRates as the cheapest and safest in the Garden State. Which one do you find the most attractive? Is there other affordable and safe towns in New Jersey that you would add to the list? Post your thoughts and comments below.


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