New Coffee In The Line-Up At Wawa

If you are like me then you love your coffee and nothing makes for a better cup than that coffee for the road. Of course, some people brew their own for the road, some folks have a favorite spot to grab their morning coffee. Maybe you are a "Dunkin" fan, "Starbucks" fan, "Wawa" fan, or you brew it at home. If you are a coffee lover you have your routine and "go-to".


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According to, "Add up all of those millions of cups of coffee consumed by Americans each day, and you'll get a yearly average of 146 billion cups of coffee for the country. Per capita, the annual U.S. coffee consumption is about nine pounds. Each day, U.S. citizens consume a total of 400 million cups of coffee. Individually, an American coffee drinker consumes about three cups of coffee per day. "



So as you can see, coffee is a very popular drink and we love our coffee. So when there is something new to try it's a cool thing. Wawa doesn't introduce "new" coffee as much as others do, so when they introduce a new blend it's kinda a big thing.


I noticed this weekend that Wawa has added a new blend to their daily line-up of coffees. Sea Salt Toffee is now available at participating Wawa's.



Shawn Michaels


The Sea Salt Toffee is described as "caramelized sugar & brown butter, with a sea salt finish." I tried it today and I like it. Has a subtle taste of caramel and a hint of sea salt. I will definitely get it again.


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