I've been to the mountain, and I bring good news: There's a new Best Italian Sub in Atlantic County.

It might be a little out of your way, but it's worth the drive.

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Here's where to get the best Italian sub in the Atlantic City area

I'd never gotten food from Ernest and Son Meat Market in Brigantine before, and I wonder what took me so long!

Ernest and Son is a tradition in Brigantine, they've been there for years and years.

Founded by Ernest Storino and his son in 1977, the place is now owned and operated by Mel Cortelessa, who grew up working in the business.

In addition to being an old-fashioned butcher shop, they've been cranking out great sandwiches for locals and beach-goers alike.

Recently, they got new neighbors next store in Jersey Cow Ice Cream, and the outside of the building has undergone a sharp transformation.

YouTube - Food Network
YouTube - Food Network

What you'll find in Ernest and Son's Italian sub

When I ordered the Italian at Ernest and Son, the young man taking my order asked what exactly I wanted on my sandwich. I said, "Give me the Italian, as you guys usually make it." I did add hot peppers.

What I picked up and took home was really the best Italian sub I've ever had!

Full of freshly sliced meat and cheese. And, there was no shortage of meat - this baby was packed.

Perfectly seasoned on a nice Atlantic City roll.  This is what the best sub is all about.

Oh - the hot peppers... They came on the sub and they were distributed perfectly. You know how sometimes placed give you the hot peppers on the side? I open that container and try to sprinkle it on my sandwich - but, it never comes out even.

There are a lot of great Italian subs being made in our area - but this one's the best.

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