Regardless of whether you love or love to hate on the beaches here in the Garden State, you can't deny that all the different beach towns have stereotypes that stick. Locals hate to admit it, but it's true. For example, Ocean City is for all the rich families that live in the southwestern part of New Jersey that have little kids. They all usually flock to OC every summer.

Cape May is the beach town where old money spends their summer days. Brigantine, Ventnor, and Margate have a solid number of families that live there full time. Avalon and Stone Harbor are in a league of their own.

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Then, there's Wildwood. People love to call Wildwood the "Philly" of the Jersey Shore. Personally, I LOVE Wildwood. I have roots in Philly and the part of South Jersey that's only 11 minutes from Lincoln Financial Field. The Wildwoods feel like home to me. I grew up spending my summers on that boardwalk, eating both Mack's AND Sam's pizza, and counting down the days until I could finally get Sea Shell Ice Cream off of Rio Grande and Atlantic Avenues.

Regardless of your opinions about each individual town at the Jersey Shore, the one thing everyone thinks is annoying no matter where you choose to spend your summer is the seagull problem. They're not really a problem, per se, but they're certainly annoying AF!

@sayburm via IG/Canva
@sayburm via IG/Canva

If you don't watch where you're holding your sandwich, they'll swoop right down and grab it right out of your hand. The same goes for funnel cakes. If they peep you eating a bag of Cheetos, they'll stare at you until you feel guilty enough to throw them one. Any local or frequent beach goer will tell you that's the WORST thing you can do. Whatever you do... NEVER FEED THE SEAGULLS.

Hilarious video goes viral about seagulls at the Jersey shore

A video depicting just how annoying the seagulls can be at the Jersey Shore has gone viral on Instagram. The reel goes a step further than just depicting the average seagull's behavior. This guy gave the seagulls a Philly accent. The best part? He nails every single point.

Seagulls stealing your food? ✅

Picking up old White Claws? ✅

Eating nasty old cigarette butts? ✅


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What else should he add for part 2? Let us know on the app.

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