Ask any New Jersey resident and they'll likely tell you that their favorite breakfast meat is pork-roll. No surprise there. Pork roll is a New Jersey staple. Garden State residents love pork roll almost as much as they love Danny Devito, Bruce Willis, and Bruce Springsteen.

It's part of our identity. In fact, it's one of the greatest and longest-running debates between northern and southern residents: is it called pork roll or Taylor Ham?


Here in South Jersey, we call it pork roll. DUH.

Apparently, we might not be exclusively obsessed with what's dubbed as New Jersey's favorite breakfast meat after all.

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We're turning your attention to the average NJ resident's bacon consumption.

Usually, if we're not talking about pork roll here in the Garden State, the next breakfast meat we love to defend is scrapple. We're leaving that one alone, too.

While we may have excellent taste when it comes to our top 2 choices of breakfast meats, apparently we couldn't care less what kind of bacon we buy.


New Jersey Residents Purchase A Lot of America's Worst Bacon Brand

I can attest to the fact that here in New Jersey, bacon is not exclusively used for breakfast meals. Plenty of residents prefer buying packs of bacon, cooking it up, and making their own bacon bits rather than buying the fake ones. Also, we're fans of putting bacon in just about everything. Baked beans, on top of burgers, in our salads, even in some cases, serving it wrapped around our seafood.

With that being said, you'd think we'd invest in a decent brand, wouldn't you? A new report suggests that the Garden State has a bunch of people who purchase one of the worst bacon brands in America on a regular basis.

The folks over at 24/7 Wall Street have deemed the worst bacon brand in America Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon. If you recognize it, that's because it's Walmart brand of bacon. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. Plenty of reviews showcase this being the truth for this specific brand.

Keep in mind that even though it's cheap, it's got less than 2.5 stars on Walmart's website.

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