Regardless whether or not you enjoy going into the City of Brotherly Love, one thing you can't deny is how delicious the food is.

Some of my absolute FAVORITE restaurants are located in Philadelphia. Yes, that includes a few of my favorite take-out spots. You can't refer to Philly take-away food without talking about the cheesesteaks. Who from the Delaware Valley doesn't absolutely LOVE Philly cheesesteaks? I do!

Unlike most people who are loyal to only one Philly steak place, I have three that I consider my favorites. Personally, I think the steaks at Jim's, Dalessandro's, and Pat's are the best. That's why when I heard the news about one of my favorite cheesesteak place's potentially expanding, I couldn't help but get excited!

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Are you ready for some pretty amazing cheesesteaks right here in South Jersey?

It's not official yet, but if the owner of Pat's Steaks, Frank Olivieri, is serious, then it's definitely a possibility we'll see one here sooner rather than later.

Sources have reported that Pat's Steaks will open a location out near Penn State. It won't be a little rinky-dink stand in Beaver Stadium, either. Nope. The reports say that Olivieri is planning a brick-and-mortar standalone store for State College. If that all goes according to plan, then he plans to take Pat's across the country.

Excuse me, Mr. Olivieri, sir? Would you mind considering South Jersey for your next location? Are we allowed to put that question into the suggestion box? Those of us from South Jersey with family ties to Philly would LOVE for you to call South Jersey "home" to your first new spot outside of Pennsylvania.

I may be only speaking for myself, but I HIGHLY doubt it. Bring Pat's to Jersey!


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