There are few places that delight me more than Wawa. I need a quick snack? Wawa. Have a craving for a fresh fountain soda? Wawa. Need to fill my tank? Wawa.

Wawa isn't just a gas station/convenience store, okay? For so many of us, it's a whole ✨ experience ✨.

It's easy to call it a "Jersey thing," but Wawa is so much bigger than just us now. You can't just say that people from NJ, PA, and Delaware are the only ones obsessed anymore. It's gone well beyond the boundaries of the Delaware Valley/Jersey Shore.

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Whether you're grabbing a coffee, a sandwich, or a snack, you can expect a certain level of quality and freshness, which builds trust and loyalty among customers. That's why so many people flock to Wawa from all over.

Wawa's even famous on social media. Some wild things have gone down in your local Wawa. That's even true in my case. Believe it or not, I got robbed at gunpoint at my local Wawa where I grew up. It was in the middle of the night, I was coming home from work, it all turned out okay.


Still, people have captured some pretty crazy footage from either inside their local Wawa location or in the parking lot near the gas pumps.

The latest video to capture everybody's attention features someone who looks to be some sort of construction worker. Whatever this person's job, it's exactly the type of person you'd expect to see doing what he did that's taken the internet by storm.

Everybody's cracking up over what this person has chosen to use as a coffee stirrer. Watch:

Beef jerky + a cup of hot coffee. That's one way to get your morning protein, I suppose. Either way, it's hilarious. So are the comments...

@righteousfelon via IG
@righteousfelon via IG
@righteousfelon via IG
@righteousfelon via IG
@righteousfelon via IG
@righteousfelon via IG

If this was just a marketing stunt for the jerky company, one word for you.... BRILLIANT.

People really are weird with orders, though...

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