You know Wawa's slogan: "Gotta Have Wawa"

Wawa is sorely missed by NJ residents who've left the state

Most people wouldn't go to jail for it, though

This is the most epic throwback story about Wawa that still hasn't been topped to this day. Believe it or not, it didn't even happen in New Jersey. That's a good thing. We don't need another reason for the world to make fun of us.

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We go to Florida where a man in Orlando was caught on video blocking traffic in a Wawa parking lot. Fun fact, the Orlando Wawa was the first location in the entire state. What's funny, though, is how he was blocking traffic.

No, he didn't set up cones or use his car to block to exits. Instead, he was doing cartwheels. Put him in a cheer uniform and he could have been an extra in Bring It On.


It's just as funny as it sounds, we promise.

He can be seen in the viral video completely blocking a truck's path out of the parking lot.

Truth be told, he had pretty good form. We'll give him that. Who knew someone's love of Wawa could lead to random acrobatics on hot pavement? Be careful how excited you get about Hoagiefest, that's for sure.

SOURCE: NY Post and ABC News on Twitter

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