The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an urgent recall of a popular electric charger sold at Costco.

The charger, the myCharge Power Hub All-In-One portable charge has been recalled due to a fire hazard.

Authorities say they've received over 120 complaints about the units overheating and are being blamed for causing two fires resulting in significant damage.

The affected units were sold at Costco between November 2022 and November 2023.

The units have a wall plug in the center back.

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The affected models are AO10FK-A, AO10KF-B, or AO10FK-C.

The units have the myCharge logo, including all codes ending in 21 and 22.

Codes 0123, 0923, 1523, and 1723.

If you have one of these units, you should discontinue using it immediately.

These units are made with lithium batteries, and should not be thrown away in regular garbage or recycling.  This can be a serious hazard as well.

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You should call your local authorities for instructions on safely disposing of these items. You can get more information on the safe disposal of lithium batteries here.

To date, people returning the chargers to Costco have been complaining the units have been melting, burning, sparking, and smoking, though no injuries have been reported.

Nearly 570,000 of these chargers have been sold.  myCharge has set up an information page on their website.

Source:  567,000 chargers sold at Costco recalled for fire risk | Fox Business

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