It's been a difficult couple of years for those in the restaurant business.  The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have had a profoundly negative impact.

We've seen many restaurants with long histories disappear.

The effect of the pandemic hasn't just killed off small, family-operated restaurants either.  Many large restaurant chains have also been forced to close locations and even go out of business.

New Jersey has always been connected to diners.  The state is known worldwide as the unofficial diner capital of the world.

I don't know the exact number of diners we have in the state, but most agree there were over 600 of them as recently as a decade ago.

However, over the past 10 years, that number has steadily dropped.  Some say, more than 150 have closed their doors and that number seems to be climbing.

The latest casualty appears to be the Voorhees Diner on Rt.73 in Voorhees Township.

According to a post on a local Facebook page, A View From Evesham, customers who stopped by the diner last week, were greeted with locked doors.

It appears their last day of business was June 5th.  The diner's website has already been deactivated.

The Voorhees Diner wasn't without its history.

The diner had been in the news through the years for lawsuits over wage claims and various HR issues.

The Voorhees Diner had a ten-year run before closing.

Joins a list of other notable South Jersey diners that have closed their doors, including The Gateway in Westville,  The Red Lion in Southhampton, The Marlton Diner in Marlton, and many others.

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