A secret Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey pizza ring is soon to be a secret no more as its chef moves closer to opening a real restaurant in Somers Point. And we've just gotten an update on when that'll happen!

Squares & Fare Pizza. If you know, you know.

Once upon a time, you had to know someone who knew someone who knew Squares & Fare, or you had to watch its socials for a chance to order a pizza. But that's all about to change.

Secret Squares & Fare Pizza in EHT, NJ
Squares & Fare/Facebook; Thinkstock; Canva

It was about two years ago that I first became aware of this 'underground' pizza while accompanying a friend to pick up a pie and some cookies she had ordered from Squares & Fare.

She ordered weeks in advance and had to text someone just ahead of her appointment time to get the pickup location which ended up being a residential home in a populated EHT neighborhood. I was hooked at first bite.

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Finally, after years of planning, Squares & Fare announced last fall that it's coming out from underground and into the light.

Squares and Fare Pizzeria in Somers Point NJ
TSM South Jersey/Heather DeLuca

S&F has begun renovating the old Somers Point Beach Laundromat off E. New Jersey Avenue in Somers Point (right across from Charlie's) that will become its official pizzeria. One you can actually walk INTO and order in PERSON!

I've been keeping tabs on the forthcoming Squares & Fare restaurant. Dom and the team have made a ton of progress and about a week ago he gave me a call to tell me that Squares & Fare should be opening to the public over Fourth of July!

Once it does, there will be a LINE out the front door. Mark my words. But you'll have to get behind ME, lol. You've seen the 'Soup Nazi' episode of Seinfeld, right? Lol.


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