If inflated prices are still putting a dent in your wallet, yet you still want to have a good time when going out, here's some good news if you're in Pennsylvania!

A new bill has just been passed by the House and Senate to allow Pennsylvania establishments to have longer happy hours and to offer discounted foods along with the deal.

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The bill aims to loosen some of the tight Pennsylvania liquor laws so restaurants and bars will be able to offer more affordable hours. This would be beneficial for them to attract more foot traffic, meanwhile it offers patrons more of a break from full-price menu items.

A good win-win! And it's about to get longer. The bill will expand the happy hour maximum from 14 hours per week to 24 hours per week.

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Along with extending happy hours, the bill also aims to:

  • Allow discounts on food and drink combinations
  • Let businesses offer free drinks for self-sponsored promotions and events
  • Loosen the restrictions for allowing drinks to be served in outdoor seating areas

When will the happy hour bill go in effect?

As of July 5, the bill is expected to be signed by Pa. Governor Josh Shapiro. The changes would go into effect 60 days after his signature.

Let's hope this gets passed (which is most likely will). With inflation still a huge factor in a business' ability to stay afloat, unnecessarily strict laws certainly won't make the situation better.

Cheers to longer happy hours!

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