The weather in New Jersey is so weird and unpredictable.

I live in Central Jersey (yes, there is such a place) and I can remember some years when my husband has been cooking on the grill on Christmas Day in shorts and a t-shirt with temperatures in the 60s and then other years when it's been absolutely bitter cold and there's no way he wanted to stand outside and cook.

Mother Nature needs to make up her mind.

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The past few years there hasn't been that much snow during the winter months in Central Jersey. Maybe a storm or two with enough snow to close schools for the day but nothing consistent. Not great for snow enthusiasts.

There is one town in New Jersey that's snowy every year. In fact, it's considered the snowiest town in New Jersey, according to Only in Your State. It's Newtown, up in Sussex County.

Fun fact: Newton "gets the highest average snowfall in New Jersey every year with a whopping 37 inches, the article states.


I'm not sure if I'm jealous for not living there (can you imagine how pretty it would be?) or happy I don't live there because I hate shoveling.

I can only imagine Newton looks like a Hallmark movie for months at a time. I would love to visit sometime.

There are shops and restaurants on Spring Street. O'Reilly's Pub and Grill seems to be a popular spot.

Oh, and don't worry, they're prepared for, and very used to, the snow, so the town won't shut down when the little white flakes start dropping like a lot of places in other parts of New Jersey.

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