I'm so sad to hear this news.

A beloved Mercer County business is closing for good.

As I was scrolling on Facebook this afternoon, I came upon a post from Twirl Toy Shop in Pennington that announced it is going out of business.

The adorable shop has been open for 12 years and I know it will be missed by many.

The post reads, "Thank you Pennington for 12 amazing years. We have been so blessed to share in your celebrations, holidays, and fun. Watching the children of our community grow up right before our eyes was nothing short of magical. We love our customers. Thank you for sharing this journey with us."

I'm such a big fan of small, local businesses. I hate to see this go.

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Twirl Toy Shop was the best place to shop for fun, unique toys and activities for your children. It was also a go-to place when you needed a cool gift.

I remember my friends scoring hard to find Lego sets for their children right before the holidays.


Of course, customer service was top notch. The shop owners and staff became friends, it's that kind of a store.

Make sure to stop in before the store closes to say farewell.

The store's last day will be Tuesday, June 18th.

The post said there were good deals on the inventory left.

The entire store is 30 - 70% off.

It would be a good time to stock up for upcoming birthdays and holidays.

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Hours for the remaining days are as follows:

Tuesday & Wednesday - 11am - 3pm

Thursday & Friday - 11am - 6pm

Saturday - 11am - 5pm

Last day, Tuesday, June 18th.

Twirl Toy Shop is located at 10 North Main Street in Pennington, NJ.

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