When Liz and I have the opportunity to spend a work day away from each other, I think we both appreciate it. Well, this Black Friday, she avoided me, but I can't exactly say I avoided her.

I arrived at Freehold Raceway Mall for the Black Friday show live from the mall a little before 6;00am knowing Liz had the day off. And had just settled in for a nice, peaceful show when I made the mistake of looking up.

When I looked up over center court, I saw it on the big screen. There it was. A huge picture of me and Liz staring right at me. I managed to avoid the 5 foot something Liz only to be confronted by the 15 foot something Liz.

I managed to get through the morning by staring at the me side of the huge picture. All kidding aside, it was a wonderful morning at Freehold Raceway Mall with a lot of happy, festive shoppers getting a lot of shopping done.

So, thanks if you stopped by to say hello. Happy holidays everyone!