Growing up, my parents mastered the power of “the look.” You know what I’m talking about…kids who get restless and whine creating a public spectacle or just being downright bratty are quickly and effectively disciplined with “the look.” I remember it well…a slight arch of the eyebrow accompanied by the intimidating stare that penetrated your core.

Once you received “the look,” you realized whatever you were whining about wasn’t so important anymore. Retaining your parental power does not include negotiating with your child. Actually, the parental lectures do not have much of an effect on the argumentative child. Instead, the ever so powerful “look” lets your child know you disapprove of his or her behavior and should be followed by consequences you plan on carrying out assertively 100% of the time. If the consequence is no video games, then NO video games!  Don’t cave. The family power structure does not allow children to rule the roost.

Learn more by clicking here. If your goal is to raise well-behaved kids, do not underestimate the power of “the look.”

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