Father's Day is upon us, and that can mean some tough shopping. Father's Day gifts aren't always easy.

After all, how many ties and bottles of cologne can Dad store? Having said that, he can be the toughest person in the family to shop for. So, what are some suggestions for a Father's Day gift that could make this Father's Day special?

I came up with a few things you can give Dad if you want to add to the gift you're going to give him this year. Call them "gift additions". I think he'll love them. here are some suggestions...

Time... In addition to that great shirt, or ring, or gift card, how about giving Dad the unique gift of a chunk of your time. We're all busy, but wouldn't it be great to carve out some time, turn off your phone and spend it with Dad?

Memories...Find an old picture, or head to an antique shop and look for something that reminds you of him or your childhood. He'll love that you remembered and it's sure to bring up some great stories.

Laughs...We all have stories about growing up that might not have been funny at the time but are pretty hysterical now. Come up with a few of those precious moments and tell the stories this Father's Day. Laughter is the best gift!

I'm sure Dad will love whatever gift you decide on this year. Just add one, or more, of these suggestions and you may be making a very special day!





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