You might remember a previous blog, where I suggested you should keep an eye out for Toms River filmmaker, Frank Zarrillo and his momentum in the movie biz.  Here’s an update…after receiving many honors for his first feature documentary, The Wrestler: Q.T. Marshall Story, Zarrillo is preparing for the next phase of his vision this Tuesday.  This is a BIG step for BIG F Pictures founder as his documentary will now be available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  I asked Zarrillo to describe this milestone moment in a single word to which he replied, “Unbelievable.”  Don’t be misled by the title, thinking it’s a movie about wrestling.  Zarrillo explains, “forget the fact it’s called ‘The Wrestler,’…it’s about a man chasing his dreams.”  The Dinner Scene is Zarrillo’s favorite part of the film due it’s relatability, a distinction he immediately made during filming.  Rather than celebrating his admirable accomplishment this Tuesday, Zarrillo will be busy figuring out the next step on his movie-making journey.  When I asked Frank what the film means to Q.T. Marshall himself, the film’s main lead stated, “this documentary (inadvertently) changed my life for the better!”  I’ll find out exactly what Marshall meant with that statement and share it with you.  In the meantime, put this documentary on your “must watch” list as it’s available on DVD/VOD and check back for details on Zarrillo’s upcoming projects.

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