I don't think any of us could believe the end of 2012. It started with Sandy and ended with Newtown, Connecticut. A lot of tears and a lot of shattered dreams. A lot or things we wish never happened. Now a new year has begun.

It ssems to me that our hopes for the new year will probably be a little more specific this year because we have seen some things we never want to see again. For me, I don't want to waste one minute. I want to find the joy and good in everything I possibly can. And when situations arise that don't seem to have any good, I want to find the strength to handle them, and find the wisdom to be around those people who can help me handle them.

I want to stop sweating the little things. I don't want to get cut off on the Parkway, but if I do, I want to have the wisdom to let it slide, knowing it could have been worse. I want to have the wisdom to know that the person on line ahead of me at the supermarket isn't intentionally trying to make me late. Maybe if I got there 3 minutes earlier, I wouldn't be late after all.

And I want to have the wisdom to remind myself just how lucky I am. Great job, great friend, an amazing family and the most beautiful wife on Earth. I'd have to be a jerk to complain...about anything.

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