We recently asked you to name a Jersey Shore location with just one photo as a clue. Were you able to do it?

We figured a lot of people would get this one right. It's pretty easy to narrow it down just form the photo. As a matter of fact, we thought it was so self-explanatory that we didn't even offer any additional clues.

I look at it this way, once in a while, something should just be easy, and this one was. But that doesn't mean that everyone got it right. Sometimes it's so obvious that the mind dismisses it as a trick question, which this one wasn't.

So when you saw the picture of the seal and you knew it was a Jersey Shore picture, you must have thought 'Jenkinson's', and you would have been on the right track. But we did ask you to be specific.

So the exact answer? It's the seal in the center of the parking lot at Jenkinson's Aquarium. But if you just said Jenk's, we're ok with that!

jenks parking lot
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

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