We gave you some historical clues about a beautiful Monmouth County town yesterday. Were you able to name the town? 

Once in a while, we like to test your knowledge of the great history of the Jersey Shore, so we asked you to identify a Shore town with some clues. Let's recap those clues.

(1) New Branch

(2) Nels Avone

(3) 1883 Inn

Here's some explanation on those clues. New Branch (clue #1) was once the name of this town. Nels Avone was the man the town was first named after (and was Leif Erikson's son by the way), according to one theory of the origins of the town.

And as if that last clue wasn't enough of a give away, the third clue should have probably done it for you. The famous Avon Inn was constructed in 1883. So, by now you know that if you guessed Avon, you got it right.

If you want to learn more about the history of Avon-by-the-Sea, you can get information at the Avon-by -the Sea website.

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