Some new sandwiches are coming your way. But there are also some interesting non-menu items that people have special-ordered that sound so good!

McDonald's is adding a permanent new offering to its menu next week: Chicken McWraps.

The world's biggest hamburger chain says the new sandwich wrap will come in 3 varieties to start -- Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken ands Chicken & Ranch.

The wraps range from 360 to 600 calories, depending on whether you pick grilled or deep-fried chicken. They will also include cucumbers  -- the first time the vegetable is making an appearance on the menu there.

But for some extra are some cool things that people have been bold and creative enough to ask for at McDonalds:

-- Land, Sea and Air Burger: A hamburger, McChicken, and filet-O-Fish sandwich!

-- Fries with Special Sauce: Ask nicely and you may be able to get the special sauce from the Big Mac to dip your fries in!

-- Grilled Cheese: McDonalds has buns. They've got cheese. It's all there for the taking!

-- McKinley Mac: Why settle for a Big Mac with those little hamburger patties when you can try to replace them with Quarter Pojnder patties? Worth a try!

-- Chicken and Waffles: It's a McGriddle sandwich with McDonald's chicken jammed in the middle.

I'd guess that if you try to order these at the drive-thru you might be told 'no', but if you were to go inside and charm your way into them making you a specialty item like the ones people have ordered above, that could be pretty cool!