Here's a glimpse of what you will see when you walk by.

The Mercury Building, at the corner of Bangs and Bond Streets in Asbury Park, is installing an incredible outdoor art display, and here are some photos of what you will see.

(Jared Schwalb's Bob Marley, photo courtesy of Michael Cassiliano)

Local as well as national artists are supporting this initiative to add to the already-beautiful community of Asbury Park. Michael Cassiliano, the Creative Director for ACED Gallery and an Asbury Park resident, has partnered with The Mercury Building to bring the artists' works to these awesome display cases. He engineered the lighting for the display cases so that they really 'pop' at night.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Cassiliano)

The Mercury has four window display cases which have been equipped with LED lights that are awaiting one-of-a-kind art works from partner artists.The young, talented artists that will display their work include Jared Schwalb, Jeremy Wolff (a Monmouth County local artist) , Jon Westgard, and Nathan Murphy.

(Jeremy Wolff is a local artist in the process of completing a Bruce Springsteen piece, photo by Michael Cassiliano.)

The big reveal will be on Saturday, Aug. 19th. The event begins at Frutta Bowls, 644 Cookman Ave. from 7 pm - 9:30 pm with a short walk to the reveal at The Mercury Building, 707 Bangs Ave. where there will be a Bruce Springsteen Print giveaway for a few lucky winners.

Here's how the Bruce art by Jeremy Wolff  is coming along...nice to see the process of the 'before' and 'after!'

(Jeremy's Bruce rendering is almost finished! Photo by Michael Cassiliano)