Have you ever heard of this place? Looks like it's close to completion.

If you've driven by the construction of this giant new building on Rt. 35 South (across from the old Toys R Us) you may have wondered what it would turn out to be.

Now that the sign is up, have you heard of LIDL? One of their other signs says "Rethink Groceries".

The chain has actually been around since 1973 in Germany! High quality, low prices, and hassle-free shopping is what their website description says. Read more about it by CLICKING HERE.

If there is one thing I know, it's that people flock to new stores in our area...especially food stores. So this place is liable to give Aldi,Trader Joe's, Foodtown, Acme, Shop Rite, Wegmans, etc. a run for their money, at least until the curiosity factor wears off.

Word has it there will also be locations of LIDL in Hazlet and in Ocean County, too.

Will you try it?



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