So I am not a mom (Well...I'm a dog mom but that doesn't count for this post) and it is safe to say that I am pretty much clueless with everything being a parent entails.

Well not everything: feed the baby and dress the baby are some of the most basic demands but there are a lot of other questions that come along with the everyday task of parenting.

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One of the most common questions I hear from my friends who are parents is:

How old does my child legally have to be to leave them home alone in New Jersey??

It's a fair question.

This question could come up if dad needs to run down the road to grab milk and the trip will take no more than 10 minutes or maybe if mom is running a solo parent household.

Plus, this topic resurfaces once a child's age hits double digits -- when can they start taking on baby sitting duties?

So I did some research and believe it or not, the laws in New Jersey regarding this topic are pretty vague.

"The State of New Jersey does not specify a legal age when children can be left home alone. Instead, parents are asked to make that judgment themselves, but this opens them up to the risk of being labeled irresponsible or neglectful if something goes wrong," is written on

So no. There is no official law in New Jersey...but shouldn't there be?

Whenever there is a shade of grey with a topic like this, it can open a can of worms.

So let me ask the parents at the Jersey Shore: If we were to make a law on this tomorrow, at what age do you think kids can legally be left home alone?

Email me with your responses at because I am curious.

So parents, follow your gut. And if there is even 1% of doubt about leaving your child home alone, bring them along.

Again....I know I am not a mom so I do acknowledge that I know next to nothing when it comes to the ins and outs of parenting.

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