There are a lot of people in the Garden State who suffer from phobias and fears, even some of the biggest New Jersey celebrities.

Somehow, hearing someone famous suffers with these very human problems makes many of us feel better. For me, I have a terrible fear of flying, and although many people are very caring and supportive, just about nothing anyone says can change my mind.

But I do take comfort in the fact that I am not alone. There's a huge star with new Jersey ties who has a fear of flying as well. Let's check out a few New Jersey stars and find out about their fears.

New Jersey Stars Phobias

When you think about it, it's pertty amazing. A guy with a full head of hair afraid to go bald, and two pop stars, one afraid of crowds and one afraid of planes. It's hard to believe, but it's true.

I think it's awesome of Queen Latifah to share her story and her tips as well. That might go a long way in helping others who deal with the same type of fears. You can check out some of the non-New Jersey stars and the phobias they deal with at Pop Crush.

Just remember, whatever your fear is, you're not alone. Some of the biggest stars in the world deal with them, too.

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