Pedicurists have a few things they want you to know before the next time you get your toes worked on.

Maybe you consider it one of the true luxuries. Is there anything better than getting a mani/pedi? Well before you go, there are some things your pedicurist wants you to know according to

Stop apologizing for your feet! You know the feeling. You look at your feet and immediately want to say something to excuse them, but experts say save the apology, because it may seem disrespectful to pedicurist and the work he or she does.

Step away from the phone! Pedicurists say staying on the phone for the whole pedicure is disrespectful to them and the the other customers who are just trying to relax.

Don't DIY! Professionals say the only thing more difficult than doing the whole job themselves is undoing the bad do it yourself job customers have tried to do on their own before heading to the salon.

No heels please! Pedicurists say it takes hours for your nails to completely dry, so bring flip flops (or Uggs in the winter) to wear when you leave. Don't try to put your foot in a heel right away.