It's happening again. Pumpkin Creep is back at the Jersey Shore.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago, and tried to pretend like if I ignored it, it wasn't really there.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

It's impossible to escape now. Pumpkin-flavored everythings are back in stores and Halloween displays are everywhere. (If you blinked, you might have missed the back-to-school displays somewhere around 4th of July.)

Let's just state for the record that as I type this, it is 81 degrees and perfectly sunny, feeling 100% like a beautiful summer day. I will also state that I too love pumpkin and pumpkin-spice flavored delights.

I just believe there's a proper time for them. And that time is not summer.

(I will give credit to local Dunkin Donuts stores, who have pumpkin treats in stock, but acknowledge its very early arrival via a "Pumpkin on the Beach" contest. Starbucks also seems to be holding off on Pumpkin until at least Labor Day.)

Now, I know, I know, we can't keep blinders on, and we have to look ahead to what's coming, which is the fall season, but...IT'S STILL VERY MUCH SUMMER. We haven't even started Local Summer yet! Why the need to rush ahead? What about living in the moment?

And on a more practical note, nothing good can come from buying Halloween candy this early. You're either going to eat it all yourself before Halloween...or wind up giving out stale candy to neighborhood kids. You don't want to be that person!

The worst part? I'm just as guilty of contributing to the creep! Just a few days ago I posted a guide on where to go apple-picking, a decidedly autumnal activity. Even more blatant, a list of 2016 Halloween events in our area. (I felt REALLY guilty about that one.)

I wrote them because I know there are people already looking for that info, who just can't wait for falling leaves and hoodies and football and of course, a pumpkin spice latte (and matching scone) that happens to be the same color as your favorite boots.

I'll admit, my reluctance to get on the pumpkin train has everything to do with the fact that I despise being cold, and I know that's what's comes with pumpkin season. I don't want to say goodbye to tank tops and flip flops and driving with the windows down. I hate the shorter days and lack of sunlight, so I fight it off as long as I can.

Can't you fine fall folks just let us summer lovers live in denial a bit longer? After September 21, have at it. By that point, I might even be ready to join you with an Insta of my PSL and pretty trees. Maybe.