A woman and her two kids saved the lives of a dog and her litter of adorable pups yesterday near a busy intersection in Toms River.
Toms River Police posted the story to Facebook, noting the woman saw two small puppies and their mother walking very close to the road on Hooper Ave. in Toms River, near the intersection of Indian Hill Rd.

She was able to scoop up the two puppies, but the adult dog ran off into the woods.

Animal Control was called to the scene, and along with TRPD, searched the woods for the dog, and came across a makeshift den some 50 feet from the road, where they found seven additional puppies.

They set up a humane trap near the den, and the mother dog was rescued about five hours later.

Toms River Police Department Facebook page

All of the dogs were taken to the Toms River Animal Shelter on Oak Ave., and if they aren't claimed by their owner within about three weeks, they'll all be put up for adoption!

The Mama dog appears to be a Jack Russell terrier, with the puppies likely a mix.

One thing's for sure, those pups are flippin cute, and hopefully all 10 dogs will wind up in a great home!

Great job by all involved!