Sign this kid up for the Future Heartbreakers of America!

At Saturday night's game between Texas and Toronto, a boy now known as the 'Foul Ball Kid' caught a foul ball, and immediately turned around and gave it to the girls behind him, which of course was met with a chorus of, 'Awwwwww!'

Except if you watch see he pulled the old switcheroo!

He's already holding a ball in his hand when he catches the foul ball in his glove...guess which one he handed to the girls?

WFAA tracked down this stud-in-training and learned he's 10-year-old Austin Chaney. Austin told him that they had a stash of foul balls already, mostly tossed over from the third base coach.

He told them, 'I was told if I got another ball, I should give it to someone else, so I turned around... I thought I was going to give it to someone deep down there, and I saw her right in front of me and I gave it to her.'

Kid's got gaaaaaame!

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